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Genitals… one of the most precious thing for a man. An entity, which gives true identity to him, a base to his existence. People who support feminism say that women should be respected because she is the reason for the birth of you. That’s not true; the man is equally responsible, though his part is less prominent. Anyways, we should know that genitals are very delicate and sensitive and we should pay extra care and attention to them as they are the natural jewels of mankind. Anyways, in this article I will tell you how we should take care of our genitals, I will tell you some do’s, some don’t and many more things.

First of all I will tell you the structure of it and why it’s so delicate?

The male genitals consist of two main parts, one is penis and another is scrotum, as shown in this image below.

men genitals diagramImage Source


Penis works as a pipe or canal for the conveyance of urine and semen. Semen consist sperm, which fertilizes with ovum and creates zygote and then embryo. Semen is formed by testicles which remain inside the scrotum. The development of semen is very tricky and requires special temperature, which is lower than normal human body temperature. So, due to this the development procedure is done outside of the human body, that’s why the scrotum is present outside.

Neither the testicle nor the scrotum enjoys hi-fi security as your heart or other internal body organs enjoys, which increases its vulnerability.


Now, let’s come to the main point.


Following are the things which you should practice for the caring of your genital.


1. Change your underwear daily

There are lots of skin-folds around your crotch and genital which causes excess sweating and thus damping. Damp area is the most preferable area for the bacteria and germs. This can harm your skin badly and cause infection.


2. Wash your genitals daily with mild soap, preferably a face wash.

Since, the previous suggestion will just lower the formation of germs but not diminish it. That’s why you should wash your genitals daily with mild soap, preferably a face wash. A face wash is better than soap and harmless.


3. Give a bath to your genital with cold water

Cold water, not hot water. Your scrotum likes cold temperature, I have told you earlier, why J .


4. Never sit on hot seats eg. Bike seats etc.

You go somewhere, park your vehicle in hot sunlight and then when you return, you have to sit on hot seat, which is dangerous as the seat cover is in direct contact with your scrotum. First of all, try to find a shady area for the parking or if you don’t find a shady place, pour some water on the bike seat before sitting while you are returning back.


5. Massage you genitals and crotch area with oil daily.

Massaging is good always, it increases blood circulation and oil has its other advantages. It rejuvenates you skin and fights the dampness and scratch issues efficiently.


6. Masturbation

I won’t discuss much about this topic as I will make a separate article on this in MazeMosaic. The thing which I will tell here is the limit. Masturbation is relaxing but it has an upper limit, a safe zone area. If you are a healthy guy, then you should masturbate at most 4-5 times a week and if you are a skinny guy, then you should masturbate at most 2-3 times a week.


7. Eat these things

Whole Grains, lean protein sources (such as, fish, low fat dairy products, beans, yogurt etc.), fruits and vegetables, selenium rich food (such as brazil nuts, walnuts, brown rice, shrimp, chicken, salmon etc.)



So, these were some practices which you should include in your daily routine for taking care of your manly genitals and for its health. Do contact us for and query or support and do share this article. Take care




Parth Chakraborty

Hello, this is Parth. I am a musician and an admin of MazeMosaic.

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