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Eventually you will find that guy who will instantly bump into your life and will say and do everything right. You both will flirt for some time and then will exchange contact numbers and then you will invest your time to analyse his Facebook profile or Instagram feed. He may have higher chances of being genuine but how will you conclude that he is the one or he just wants into your pants?

Well in this article i will tell you the things which you should analyse.


He talks about himself too much.

Nothing is more irritating that the person in front of you is just talking about himself and doesn’t even try to know about you. If you are realizing that it’s been a long time and he is not enquiring anything personal about you then it’s a red signal. It simply means that he doesn’t care about you much.

If he wants more than sex from you then he will try to know every single bit of information related to you, whether it’s your favorite things, you interests, your bad habits etc.


He takes advantage of you.

If you are weaving dreams of committed life with him and only you are giving efforts and making sacrifices then it’s not a good signal. To try hard and go out of the track your innocent dreams is a good thing but he should also show this kind of passion for you.


He isn’t all there when you are with him.

When you are with him and he is just scrolling the apps on his phone being empty minded or is busy in text messaging others then this might be a red signal. For a single moment you should not feel like you have to compete to grab his attention. You deserve that person who pays attention to you and cares for you.


He doesn’t let you check his cell phone or doesn’t give the credentials of social media accounts.

It’s important to trust your partner, but before you start trusting him he have to gain that special place. So, keep doubting him is not unethical, it’s not 90s India that approximately everyone is serious for the relationship.

Being a committed guy I share everything with my girlfriend, i am serious for her, we share social media credentials, I let her check my cell phone, whatsapp etc. Whatever, that’s not the main point, not everyone is like me. So, you have to be cautious.


You get the vibe he is been there before.

To enjoy a healthy relation and to drag a relation are two different things. Players like to be chased by others. They will pay attention to you until they have you. If you are facing these kinds of things then I would suggest you that you should backtrack and change your paths. It’s better than regretting one day in the morning.


So, these were some points which you should keep in mind to know whether he is serious for you or just want to get into your pants, not in your life.

Thank you for reading this. Do share it with others. Keep that in mind “Sharing is Caring”.

Feature image source : Russell Underwood via Getty Images, www.huffingtonpost.com



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