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You gathered money, bought a gorgeous musical instrument, maybe a guitar or a digital piano or whatever. You were so excited to learn that instrument, a single touch of it used to give you goose bumps. You promised yourself that one day you will become the master of this art, probably will find a career in that too. You used to practice a lot, practice used to give you a sense of satisfaction, a satisfaction which you will never find anywhere.

But, things changed suddenly.

you lost that luscious feeling and that excitement, you lost your focus, you became busy in other things and thus lost the passion for that art, which used to be your worship.

“What happened to me?” I know, you yelled and asked the same question to yourself. I know somewhere in you heart you cry loudly and regret for being dishonest to your art.


So, here in this article, we will discuss about this issue of most of the people like us who love art and in the middle of the process lost their passion. We will discuss the reason and the ways by which you can root out this issue.



  • Frustration – at some point of our life everyone gets frustrated and the reasons are well known, such as, financial issues, relationship ups and downs and many more.
  • Mood swing – click on the hyperlink to know more about The Mood Swings.
  • Hormonal changes – well this is a scientific fact that it is harmones running inside our body which decide our choice and decisions.
  • Lack of optimism –  People make you feel that you are wasting you time and money and its not conventional to make a carrier in this field.
  • Lack of morale – morale is a state in which a person is happy with its present condition but also have a strong will to constantly improve his situation and lifestyle.
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of confidence
  • Bad time management – last but not the least and the most common and serious reason for the lack of passion is your bad time management. Yes, we all are busy and have to do multitasking and if you have chosen an another field i.e. music then you have to pay attention on your timings so that you can get enough time for your passion,



  • Leave music and your instrument for couple of days or even weeks. And believe me my friend after the end of this course, you will generate a strong attraction for your art.
  • While you are working on my suggestion, which I suggested in the above point, watch live performance videos of your inspiring musicians, search more musicians watch more videos.
  • Manage you time well, make a chart, assign a fix time to each of your jobs, be punctual in that, and finish it before deadline. Be serious and strict and you will get enough time for your art and an enough time will increase your interest.


So, here were some really easy steps with which you can root out this issue and will surely regain the passion for your music.

Do share this article with you friends. If you have any query or need any suggestion, you can write it in the comments. Take care.


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Parth Chakraborty

Hello, this is Parth. I am a musician and an admin of MazeMosaic.

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