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We always drool the lifestyle of celebrities. Isn’t it? Or at least we believe that they are lucky, because they are into a great field where they don’t have to face any problem, easy life, too much fun, unlimited luxury blah blah…

Why me??

I know, we have asked this question from our destiny at least once in our entire life. The fact is that that everyone is dealing issues and dissatisfaction. Problems are the integral part of the life. So, be happy with whatever you have. Don’t let the problems deteriorate your performance. Always laugh; I don’t care if it’s real or fake laugh. Be happy. Never let the kid inside you die. Prepare yourself for constant improvement, no matter what problems you are into.

Do ask these questions to yourself and do prepare yourself for perpetual improvement:

  • What I really want to do ? So many things to do but very less time? This is the problem that we all face. Don’t worry. Just make a list of things you want to do editing your “to do” list. Visit it often and remember that you have so many things to do and plan your day accordingly.
  • Should I change myself ? Kids always say that their parents are old-fashioned. Stay updated. Keep changing with changed generation (but never cross your moral boundaries).
  • What’s the bright side ? Everything is messed and there’s no hope? Still remember that there is always dark when you are in the tunnel. Come outside, experience world and find a positive side of not losing.
  • Am I comfortable with what I am doing ? We are not okay with the same shoes or purse or dresses, then how can we be okay with a stereotype work at office? Experiment new things, keep changing and always stay comfortable with things we are doing.
  • Have I done enough for myself ? Have you or there is something you still want to do? Why don’t you try those things that you never imagined doing by yourself?
  • Am I happy at where I am today ? If you will be a good and loving parent, your kids will love you forever. The same goes with everyday life. Be happy today and improve for better tomorrow.
  • Am I appealing to the opposite sex ? Huh?? Is this really a matter? Yeah, it is. Doesn’t mean try different varieties of dresses and attract others. This simply means that be real but attractive, be such good and make your personality attractive that no one can leave you unnoticed.
  • How much could I have ? It’s not about how much or little you deserve but it is about how badly you need something. This is not just about money but something far above it that satisfies you no matter what you are going through.
  • What motivates me ? Ask this question to yourself and find its solution. Try out them one by one and observe the change you noticed in yourself.
  • What really clicks you ? This is about that something you have been mad about. Find that something and reach their anyhow. Don’t think that you can’t do this because you can’t accept failure before you start your journey.


Remember that self-improvement here does not mean physical or psychological improvement but it is about that something you always wanted to be. Listen your inner voice and do accordingly.


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