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In this article we will discuss about sweaty and itchy crotch, and then i will tell you how to get rid of this.


There is a constant itchy feeling in your crotch right after you take shower. You are not comfortable in skin tight clothes, you keep on scratching your genitals and crotch badly. Just stop right there and do not scratch. I know it’s giving you a sense of satisfaction, but it will make the situation worse and will harm your skin badly.

It’s not a matter of shame or don’t feel yourself an unlucky pup. In fact, there are many more like you including me who have this kind of crotch issue. I know you are also a hygiene freak and keep you crotch hygienic and still facing this kind of issue. Don’t worry… this article will tell you some simple and working tips to get rid of this.


Why this is happening to me?

Well the reason is we all have different kind of skin; it depends on our genetics, weather, our location and many more things. So, you are one of those human beings whose skin can’t tolerate sweat and dampness.


What to do?

After shower, dry your crotch well:

You can use a hair dryer or simple fan air to dry your crotch. This will evaporate the water locked in your skin.


Apply talc:

Talc is a good water absorber. So, you can use a good, non-perfumed and simple powder for your crotch.


Apply Oil:

This is the most powerful thing which will give you a win-win situation. I usually use pure Mustard Oil for my crotch as it’s a natural thing, so there is no need to worry about anything. It has the longest working capacity and will serve you for whole day. After you shower and dry your crotch (using hair dryer or simple fan air), apply good quantity of oil around your skin folds, genitals and inside your butt cracks too. As oil is a good water repellant, it will take away the water from your skin completely and you will find that your issue has been vanished drastically.


If you need any support or have any query regarding this then feel free to contact us. Also, don’t forget to share this article. Sharing is caring. Take care.


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