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Being late is the issue of most of the human on planet earth. Admit it, you don’t like it and you always regret in the end.

It spoils the projects, plans, relations, credibility and affects your dignity. Sometimes, the results are disastrous.

You always keep struggling with yourself so that you can root out this bad habit in you. Believe me my friend, being punctual is not a heavy task. If you have strong will power then you can also sort out this error easily.


Following are the tips which can help you:


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Correct your sleeping schedule: This is a simple formula, if you are sleeping late then how can you get up early? A human body needs minimum 6-7 hours of sleep. Keep this thing in mind and do sleep by 11:00 – 11:30 pm.

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Jog daily in the early morning: Jogging is fantastic. In my words, it is one of the most beautiful things which exist. It’s fun, regulates blood circulation in the body, stretches you muscles and many more. Do I need to tell you what the advantages of all these things are? So, do jog at least for half an hour in the early morning.

no booze and smoking

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Just quit boozing and smoking: if you support alcohol then you should ask a stoner and he will make you understand that how shitty this liquid is. I won’t give you much lecture on this because I know you won’t listen to me. In couple of lines I want to say that it affects your body’s natural internal working and affects your time management capacity.


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Say yes to healthy food and No to junk food: Junk food has great taste, but they have some serious health issues too which will definitely affect your punctuality. I am not suggesting you that you should leave junk food completely, but that should not be an obsession or freakiness which you can’t control and should not cross that limit which is only 2-3 times in a week. That’s it.

no late night internet

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Control you internet time pass habit: Yes, I know that you have that wifi, you keep on scrolling 9gag, mazemosaic, Facebook or chatting with your pals daily till late night. Sometimes its 4 am too. Baaaaahh clappings !!! lol. Now, think a little bit and tell me, are you doing this right? A big no. just remember my time limit which I have given to you, do sleep by 11:30pm.



You obeyed me and you are on bed on time but you can’t sleep easily. Then you should read this article on How to sleep fast on bed.



The tips which I just told above will give you benefits gradually. Now I am gonna tell you some quick nuggets which you should follow. If you want to reach somewhere on time, following is the check list you must follow.

Calculate the traveling time precisely (always think that you are going to face worse traffic) and then add 15 minutes extra to that traveling time. Also keep that in mind that once you reach there, you can’t initiate you work on the go. You need some time to take rest or to get ready and many more things. Usually i take 15-20 minutes. So, add this time to the time we calculated above.


So the formula is :

The time before which you should depart to reach on time is = traveling time + 15 minutes + 15 minutes to take rest and get ready, once you reach there.


Of course, you can change the magnitude of any part in this formula.


So, by obeying this article you can kill that non punctual insect inside you. If you have any query or need any support regarding this then you contact us freely and do share this article with you friends or with someone who need it.



Parth Chakraborty

Hello, this is Parth. I am a musician and an admin of MazeMosaic.

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