It’s an old story, the negative things spawn their wings and to counter it a campaign or a counter act is being started.

Anyways, have you heard this line? “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. Yes, that’s the famous quote by the movie The Dark Knight.

So, what does it imply? It simply means, every good thing if it’s not being terminated or limited on right time will become a disastrous entity. Similar with the feminism thing, it was founded for a good cause, to give equal rights to the females, but now the whole thing is so much saturated that the feminism is now behaving like a villain, it has started sucking the rights of males and if we limit it then in near future the condition of males will be so poor that we will need a similar project like feminism. That doesn’t make sense.

Here are posters released by Maggcom titles #DontMancriminate. Have a look

1. You want gender equality? Take it. I don’t have to hold the door, I don’t have to hold the bags, I don’t have to give my seat.

feminism hipocricy

2. Let’s talk sex. If I want sex, I am desperate. If you want sex, it’s sexually liberated. If we want sex, then it has to be at your terms?

feminism hipocricy

3. It’s a man’s world “bullshit”. I don’t get free drinks, I don’t get free entry, I don’t get sympathy.

feminism hipocricy

4. So convenient. If woman loses her job, because of sexism. If a man loses his job, because he is a loser.

feminism hipocricy

5. Yes, I am emotionless but you made me that. If we fail we are told “men don’t cry”, if we breakup we are told “men don’t cry”, If we get hurt we are told “men don’t cry”.

feminism hipocricy

6. When we don’t discriminate against a pussy, why do you? Small dick big dick, fat dick.

feminism hipocricy

7. So fair. When you slapped me I was wrong, when I slapped you I have anger issues

feminism hipocricy


So what our point is, why make these immature, pointless feminism oriented posters at all? What’s real use of it? Surely it will fetch some likes, shares and comments, Increased traffic on the website, so that sponsors come running

We feel everyone should stop making random posters about “#RespectWomen”, about “#MenThisAndThat”. It doesn’t lead anywhere.


There was a time when such awareness was required, and talking about it made a lot of sense. Now it’s all just a marketing trick


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